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Resume pic


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Tongue Slashers and Cheek Piercers

Very clumsy gunslinger
His girlfriend didn't like the flowers
Teachers relaxing at the airport beach
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I've been to Phuket before for the Vegetarian Festival and returned again this year for another look. I went down with a group of 11 teachers and we had a really great weekend together checking out the festivities and hanging out on the beach.

Just like the last time I went to the festival, I was amazed by the range of items that the participants shoved through their faces to demonstrate the powers of a vegetarian diet. We were all pretty grossed out yet fascinated by what we were witnessing.

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Little Natalie

Natalie happy in her Daddy's arms
Natalie's "oh wow!" Eyes
She looks just a bit like her Mom
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As soon as school finished, I raced home to meet my beautiful new little niece. She was there waiting for me at the airport when I landed (she brought her parents and grand parents with her). I have to say that this little girl warmed my heart all summer long and that I adore her. She was full of smiles and sent waves of joy rippling through all of those around her. It was really amazing to see just how much happiness one little baby can create. Natalie was so wide eyed most of the time--it looked like she was constantly think "WOW! That is amaaaaazing!" I really loved that expression and I hope she can carry that wonderment with her throughout her life. Life is amazing and it was a precious gift to be near this little girl as she was seeing things for the first time and soaking it all up with her big, blue beautiful eyes.

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Tawan with an ever smiling Monk
Me with good buddies Tanya and Eli
Tawan and I at our hill resort
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Tawan had never been to the northern city of Chiang Rai so we flew up for a long weekend. We took off Friday at the end of a long day at school. I was sick and tired, but we headed to the airport to endure the normal one hour plus delay from Air Asia (Air Delaysia). We'd booked a room at a novelty "love" hotel in Chiang Rai. The Red Rose Hotel had a variety of theme based romantic rooms to choose from such as: the Jungle Room, Car Room, UFO Room, Sky Room, and several cartoon rooms (not sure how cartoons are romantic). We'd booked the Star Wars room and were disappointed to learn upon our arrival that the room wasn't available due to electrical malfunctions. So we settled for one of the heavily mirrored non themed rooms.

The next day we rented a car. In my four years in Thailand, I'd never actually driven a car. I've ridden motorbikes numerous times, but had never climbed behind the the passenger side wheel. What I mean by that is that in Thailand cars have the steering wheel on the other side (passenger side) of the car. They also drive on the left side of the road and this had always felt like too much adapting to do. But, it was a rainy weekend and we wanted to head into the mountains so we rented a car for about 30 bucks a day. It really wasn't that difficult to drive but a road cone was one of my victims. The hardest adjustment was that the blinker was on the opposite side of the steering column. Every time I wanted to signal a turn, I switched on the windshield wipers.

We visited a beautiful pure white temple just outside of the city and then headed into the mountains. We stayed at a resort on the far side of a reservoir. To reach the hotel, we had to park our car and then be ferried across the reservoir by boat and then were chauffeured to the top of a mountain via fancy stretch golf cart. Both our room and the view were lovely.

One of our primary objectives was to visit the Golden Horse Monastery. I'd seen photos of the monks at the monastery who ride horses to collect their morning alms each day. I'd done a little research and learned that the monastery took in orphaned children and taught them horseback riding skills along with Muay Thai (Thai boxing). It seemed like an interesting place and we visited early morning so that Tawan could make an offering of food and supplies to the monks. About half a dozen monks rode in (mostly child monks) to collect alms from a small crowd of merit making Thais. Apparently there are usually more monks, but many were traveling to the nearby Burmese border to offer some kind of assistance. This was the same weekend that the cyclone was hitting Burma and delivering such a devestating blow. The lead monk wore a perpetual smile and emitted an incredible vibe of peace and positive feeling.

Afterward, we headed further into the mountains to spend a few days in the heavily Chinese town of Mae Salong. The town was settled by anti communist Chinese soldiers who were pushed out of China. We met some dear friends, Tanya and Eli there and sat in a tea shop with them for a long time while the owner served up several varieties of locally grown tea. She passed me a tea cup with an upside down shot glass sitting in the tea. I wasn't sure what to do with it so I pulled it out as tea spilled all over me. Tanya had a better clue and took the upside down steam filled glass out and immediately held it over her eye. Apparently, it was some type of mini sauna for one's eyeball.

Tawan and I really enjoyed our weekend in the mountains of Northern Thailand. The area used to be part of the notorious Golden Triangle where opium cultivation was prevalent. Government efforts have worked to put a stop to this and are instead encouraging indigenous people of the area to instead grow tea. Fortunately for us, this led to a wonderful opportunity for tea time with good friends in the cool, misty mountains of the north.

I made the following video with my students to help raise money for the cyclone victims in Burma. The video was actually seen by some Burmese who called my students "heroes of Burma". Of course, I was incredibly proud of them.

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NationWide WaterFights,Sea Gypsies,&Religous CardQuality Sunsets

Little Baby Sea Turtle
Tawan sunset
Sea Gypsy Kids
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Every April is the Thai New which is called Songkran. It's during the hottest time of the year and is celebrated by giant water fights across the country. This year, Tawan and I drove south with our good friends David and Nipa. It was like driving through an unending car was as our car was repeatedly splashed with buckets of water, squirt guns, and powder.

We spent a few days in Khao Lak which was one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami. We visited a neat sea turtle conservation center and I spent my 36th birthday getting a 2 hour massage on the beach.

We then took a speed boat a few hours out into the ocean and spent a few days at a National Park called Mu Ko Surin. The island was beautiful and we did some amazing snorkeling. Tawan saw a sea turtle, David saw a shark, and we all saw some BEAUTIFUL coral.

David is actually a former minister and used to be Reverend Dave. He described some of the sunsets we saw as "religious card quality sunsets." That about sums it up.

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